Erika Dade

Novice Girls Coach


Erika got hooked on roE at HHS Invitational origwing in the 1980s while in graduate school in Oregon, learning in a pair(!) on the winding Willamette River. Later in Seattle, she rowed and competed for Lake Washington Rowing Club, and had the amazing privilege of learning to scull under the watchful eye of Frank Cunningham (The Sculler at Ease). Following a decade of living abroad, she moved to the Upper Valley in 2003, and returned to rowing and competing, both sweeps and sculls, with the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation. Erika has been assistant Novice Girls coach at HHS since 2011.

When she can manage to drag herself away from all things rowing, she writes computer software, with a background in Oceanography, satellite remote sensing, GIS and big data. Erika is currently President of UVRF (2016).