SPS, NMH, and SJS 5/12 – Plan and Race Schedule

Saturday we will be hosting SPS, NMH, and SJS.  There will be no parking at the boathouse or Wilson’s landing for rowers or spectators.  The only parking on site is for the trailers from each school, one food parent truck from each school, and coaches vehicles.  Shuttles will be running from 1:45-6:45pm constantly.
The Plan:
1:45pm Rower Shuttle for HHS Rowers from Richmond School to boathouse begins. Please use shuttle to minimize activity on the property.
2:00pm Shuttles begin from Garipay and Richmond to the boathouse for spectators.
2:20pm Cox Meeting and Lane Draw
2:40/3:00pm 1st Launch
3:30pm Races Begin
6:00pm Races End
6:45pm Shuttles End from Boathouse to Richmond and Garipay
The Race Schedule:
3:30 B4 (HHS1N, SPS, SJS)
3:45 B1 (HHS, NMH, SPS, SJS)
4:00 G3 (HHS, NMH, SPS)
4:15 B3 (HHS, SPS, SJS)
4:30 G5 (HHS1N, SPS, HHS 2N)
4:45 G2 (HHS, NMH, SPS)
5:00 B2 (HHS, NMH, SPS, SJS)
5:15 G1 (HHS, NMH, SPS)
5:30 B5 (HHS 2N, SJS5, SJS6)
5:45 G4 (HHS, NMH, SPS)
6:00 G6 (HHS 3N, HHS4N)

The Parking: Shuttle will run from 1:45pm-6:45pm.  Please park at Richmond and Garipay!

Directions from I-91:

• Take Exit 13. Head east on Main Street then cross over the bridge. Road will change from Main Street to West Wheelock Street (Rte. 10A).
• Continue through the light at the corner of the Dartmouth Green. West Wheelock now changes to East Wheelock (Rte. 10). You will pass in front of the Dartmouth Green and Hanover Inn.
• Take your next left (across from theHood Museum) and go through a set of lights.
• Follow Route 10 N.
• At the Traffic Circle, take your right onto Reservoir Road, (Co-op Grocery store on the
corner). Parking and Garipay Fields are on the right.
• If you continue straight through the circle. The Richmond school parking will be on the Right.

Directions from I89:

• Take Exit 18. Head towards Hanover NH on Rte. 120 North, at the set of lights at the Hanover Food Co-op, bear right.
• At the intersection of Rte. 10N and 120N turn Right onto Rte. 10N.
• Follow Route 10 N.
• At the Traffic Circle, take your right onto Reservoir Road, (Co-op Grocery store on the corner).
• Parking and Garipay Fields are on the right.
• If you continue straight through the circle.  The Richmond school parking will be on the Right.

The Trailers and Buses to Drop of Kids: (110 Lyme Road)
• Follow the directions above.
• Continue straight through the circle.
• The Boathouse will be 2 miles up on your left.
• Buses should drop off kids at the boathouse and go back and park at the Richmond school.
• Trailers can park on site.  People will be there to tell you where to park.
The Food: 
Welcome to the food tent!  If you would like to contribute food/supplies, volunteer to help, or just see what’s on the menu for the rowers, please check out our Signup!  Thanks, and see you at the races!
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