Novices 4/29 – The Plan and Race Schedule

Novice crews are ready to take to the race course at home this weekend for their first racing experience: a novice scrimmage on our home course on Sunday, 4/29.  Arrival at our boathouse will be at 9:00 AM.  As we carry oars to the dock, we will gather to watch a few Dartmouth races from the landing, then launch our own shells.  Pickup at our boathouse will be at 11:30 AM.  

Families, you are most definitely welcome to come watch the action from Wilson’s Landing.  Please park at our boathouse and walk down the road to the landing.  You will need to stay off of the dock when crews are launching and landing, but you will have a good view from the dock while everyone is out on the water.  The spectating from the dock is a nice opportunity that won’t exist on a race day.  Please do be aware, though, that watching the races will be a little more difficult than on a usual race day (no buoyed finish line, no pre-assigned lanes, no uniforms distinguishing one “team” from another).
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