Hanover Invitational / Sleigh Bowl June 4, 2017

FullSizeRenderThe Results:

Hanover Invitational Results

All visiting crews will boat out of the old Chieftain Hotel site, now called Kendal Riverfront Park except Concord and HHS crew will boat out of FOHC boathouse at Wilson’s Landing, about a mile north. When the Hanover/Concord Crews finish their races, they will take the shuttle bus to hang out with all the visiting teams and watch races. This will allow all teams to be in one place for the awards ceremony.  Thank you Concord and HHS for staying at the FOHC Boathouse because it allows us to fit more crews at Kendal Riverfront Park.

Please remember that there is no parking at the Kendal/Chieftain or FOHC sites. The shuttle bus will be running from Grippy Field and the Richmond School parking from 9:30am-4:30pm. Buses can drop off and park on the Kendal/Chieftain property. LC Rowers can park at the Chieftain with permission from Carin Reynolds. One food car can be on site from each school.

All schools will be in charge of their own food tents.

Hanover parents–can you help? 2 ways; sign up here:

  Crew Food signup 

  Hanover Invitational T-Shirt Fabulous Sales Force

Please do not arrive with trailers before 8am. We will be in trouble with the town if you do! PLEASE BRING LANE MARKERS!

P.S. The Entry Fee for this regatta is by donation. Donations can be made out to FOHC and would be appreciated for the associated costs with running the regatta.

The Plan:


9:30am HHS Rowers take Shuttle from Richmond
9:30am Shuttle Begins
9:45am HHS rowers arrive at the FOHC unless otherwise instructed by your coach.
10:00am Cox meeting at FOHC and the Kendal/Chieftain Site
11:00am Races Begin
2:50pm Awards Ceremony

There will be a coxswain meeting on the FOHC property run by Fred Cressman and on the Chieftain Property by Julie Stevenson and Chuck Nagle. No HHS or FOCC coxswain needs to go to the Kendal/Chieftain until after they race for the awards ceremony.

Schedule updated June 2, 2017.

HHS= Hanover High School
HB= Hollis Brookline
GBR= Great Bay Rowing
LC= Lebanon Crew
SHS= Souhegan High School
FOCC= Concord Crew
CHS= Central High School
BHS= Bedford High School


10:00 Cox’n Meeting (Lane draw will be available at Cox’n Meeting)



11:20  intentionally blank

11:30 B2V8 Heat HHS, SHS, CHS

11:40 B2V8 Heat FOCC, BHS, GBR

11:50 G1N8 Heat HHSA, BHS, GBR, HHSC

12:00 G1N8 Heat FOCC, SHS, CHS, HHSB

12:10 B1V8 Heat FOCC, HB, CHS

12:20 B1V8 Heat HHS, BHS, GBR

12:30 G1V8 Heat HHS, SHS, CHS, HB

12:40 G1V8 Heat FOCC, BHS, GBR, LC

12:50 B2V4 SHS, HB

1:00 G1V4 SHSA, HB, SHSB





1:50 B1V8 FINAL Top two from each heat

2:00  G1V8 FINAL Top two from each heat

2:10  B2V8 FINAL Top two from each heat

2:20 G1N8 FINAL Top two from each heat

2:50 Awards Ceremony


The Parking: Shuttle will run from 9:30am-4:30pm. Please park at Garipay and Richmond!

Directions from I91:
• Take Exit 13. Head right on Main Street then cross over bridge. Road will change from Main Street to West Wheelock Street (Rte. 10A).
• Continue through the light at the corner of the Dartmouth Green. West Wheelock now changes to East
Wheelock (Rte. 10). You will pass in front of the Dartmouth Green and Hanover Inn.
• Take your next left (across from the Hood Museum) and go through a set of lights.
• Follow Route 10 N.
• At the Traffic Circle, take your right onto Reservoir Road, (Co-op Grocery store on the corner).
Parking and Garipay Fields are on the right
.• If you continue straight through the circle.  The Richmond school
parking will be on the Right.  This should be your first choice lot!

Directions from I89:
• Take Exit 18. Head towards Hanover NH on Rte. 120 North,
at the set of lights at the Hanover Food Co-op, bear right.
• At the intersection of Rte. 10N and 120N turn Right onto Rte. 10N.
• Follow Route 10 N.
• At the Traffic Circle, take your right onto Reservoir Road, (Co-op Grocery store on the corner).
• Parking and Fields are on the right.
• If you continue straight through the circle.  The Richmond school
parking will be on the Right.  This should be your 1st choice lot!

“ If it is a nice day…Go Green and Walk to the Regatta. It is just slightly over a mile from
Garipay Field and less than a half-mile from Richmond Middle School”

The Trailers and Buses to Drop of Kids:
• Follow the directions above.
• Continue straight through the circle.
• The Old Chieftain Motor Inn/Kendal Riverfront Park will be 1 mile up on your left.  It now looks like a green grassy area.
• Buses should drop off kids at the “Chieftain” Entrance and go back and park at the Richmond school.
• Trailers can make their way down slowly to the bottom field.  It does work if you go down slowly!  If you have been here in the past, the road is much better.


Concord HS
110 Lyme Road is the address of the FOHC site. It is 1 mile north of the Chieftain/Kendal Riverfront Park. Please only bring two food parent cars. Everyone else must ride the Shuttle.


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