St. Paul’s vs. NMH vs. Hanover May 13, 2017

 Results:St Paul's

Girls Results: Row2K

Boys Results: Row2K

The Plan:

11:45am Buses leave from HHS
1:00pm Arrival at SPS
3:00-5:00pm Racing
6-6:30pm Leave SPS
7-7:30pm Arrive home

1:00 coxswains tour the course—this needs to happen either before 1:30or after the coxswains’ meeting. All 3rd and 4th boat coxswains should tour the course before the 1:30 dedication.

1:30 SPS shell dedication
2:00 coxswains’ meeting
3:00 Girls 4th eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)
3:10 Boys 2nd eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)
3:20 Girls 3rd eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)
3:30 Boys 1st eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)
3:40 Girls 2nd eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)
3:50 Boys 4th eight (SPS//HHS-4)
4:00 Girls 1st eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)
4:10 Boys 3rd eight (SPS/NMH/HHS)—NMH athlete doubling from the Boys’ 2nd eight
4:30 Girls’m 5th eight (SPS/NMH/HHS-5/HHS-6)—SPS athlete doubling from the Girls’ 4th eight.
4:40 Boys 5th eight (SPS/HHS)—pending confirmation of the SPS crew racing

The Directions:


Take I-89 south to Exit 2/Clinton Street. At the end of the ramp turn right onto Clinton Street. Follow signs and take the first left onto Langley Parkway. Continue to the end, and turn left onto Pleasant Street.  Go about ½ mile and turn left at the StPaul’s sign onto Dunbarton Road. The boathouse and Turkey Pond are at the very end of Dunbarton, after 1 mile of paved road and 0.4 mi. dirt road. Park on the RIGHT SIDE ONLY when you begin to see cars lined up, and walk to the boathouse; there is very little room to turn around at the boathouse, unless you are dropping off someone with mobility impairment.

The Food: Here’s the signup

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