Glastonbury vs. Hanover April 30, 2017

Glastonbury v HanoverSunday is our first home race this year.  There will be no parking at the boathouse or Wilson’s landing for rowers or spectators.  The only parking on site is for the trailers from each school, two food parent trucks from each school, and coaches vehicles.  Shuttles will be running from 11:20am-4:00pm constantly.
The Results
All: Row2K
The Plan
11:00am Rower Shuttle for HHS Rowers from Richmond School to boathouse. Please use shuttle to minimize activity on the property.
11:15am Drop off of all HHS Rowers at Boathouse
11:20am Shuttles begin from Richmond and Garipay to the boathouse for spectators.
11:30am Cox’n Meeting and Lane Draw
12:00pm 1st Launch
12:45pm Races Begin
3:00pm Races End
4:00pm Shuttles End from Boathouse to Richmond and Garipay
The Race Schedule

12:45pm B3V8
1:00pm G3V8 (HHS 3V and HHS 4V)
1:15pm B2V8
1:30pm G2V8
1:45pm B1V8
2:00pm G1V8
2:15pm G1N8
2:30pm B1N8
2:45pm G2N8 (HHS 2N and HHS 3N)

The Parking 
Shuttle will run from 11:20am-4:00pm.  Please park at Garipay and Richmond!

Directions from I-91:

• Take Exit 13. Head west on Main Street then cross over the bridge. Road will change from Main Street to West Wheelock Street (Rte. 10A).

• Continue through the light at the corner of the Dartmouth Green. West Wheelock now changes to East Wheelock (Rte. 10). You will pass in front of the Dartmouth Green and Hanover Inn.

• Take your next left (across from the Hood Museum) and go through a set of lights.

• Follow Route 10 N.

• At the Traffic Circle, take your right onto Reservoir Road, (Co-op Grocery store on the corner). Parking and Garipay Fields are on the right.
• If you continue straight through the circle. The Richmond school parking will be on the Right.

Directions from I89:

• Take Exit 18. Head towards Hanover NH on Rte. 120 North, at the set of lights at the Hanover Food Co-op, bear right.
• At the intersection of Rte. 10N and 120N turn Right onto Rte. 10N.
• Follow Route 10 N.
• At the Traffic Circle, take your right onto Reservoir Road, (Co-op Grocery store on the corner).
• Parking and Garipay Fields are on the right.
• If you continue straight through the circle.  The Richmond school parking will be on the Right.

The Trailers and Buses to Drop of Kids: (110 Lyme Road)
• Follow the directions above.
• Continue straight through the circle.
• The Boathouse will be 2 miles up on your left.
• Buses should drop off kids at the boathouse and go back and park at the Richmond school.
• Trailers can park on site.  People will be there to tell you where to park.
The Food: A letter from Stephanie Snelling. Thank you!
Greetings, HHS Crew Families!
Whether this is your first year as a crew parent, or you are a veteran, I would like to welcome you to another season of HHS Crew!  While rowing might be limited as a spectator sport, it does offer a number of opportunities to get involved and to pitch in.  For me, that has meant several years of volunteering at our regattas — both home and away — feeding our rowers, before and after their races.  If you would like to contribute in some way — whether big or small — we would love to have you as part of our team.  But please know that all of this is voluntary.  Whether you volunteer or not, whether you contribute or not, your rower will be fed, and you are welcome and encouraged to attend all regattas.  Go Hanover!
Here are some of the ways in which you can get involved:
1.  Within this message (and on the FOHC Facebook page), we have posted the Sign-up Genius link for the first race (Sunday, 4/30, at FOHC).  You will receive a new link each week, several days before the next race.  On this site, you can sign up to contribute food for each race (this could be anything from loaves of bread to a box of crackers), or sign up to help us under the Friends of Hanover Crew tent.  Typically, we arrive at the race early, set up the tents and tables, fill up thermoses with Gatorade and water, and set tables with pre-race food like fruit and trail mix.  Later, after each boat has raced, we have a meal prepared for the rowers and coaches — the menu varies, but can consist of sandwiches, hotdogs, or pulled pork sliders, plus dessert.  Finally, once all rowers and coaches have eaten, we clean up our site, collapse tables and tents, haul trash, and congratulate ourselves on another successful crew feed!  Here is the link for this week: SignUpGenius
2.  If you would like to make a financial donation — again, this is entirely voluntary — we happily accept monetary contributions.  We will always have a donation jar at races, wherein you make a deposit, or you can hand it to one of the tent volunteers.  In the past, families have donated about $20 each for the season, just to help off-set the expense of extra supplies and food, but it is certainly not mandatory nor expected.
3.   As I mentioned earlier, we come prepared to each race to feed your rower a pre-race snack, a post-race meal, and throughout-the-day hydration.  What we are not fully prepared to do is to feed them breakfast.  So, if you could make sure your rower eats a healthy breakfast and comes with a pre-filled water bottle, it will ease the burden of the tent volunteers.  Each year, rowers show up for races and tell us, “I’m starving!  I haven’t had breakfast!”  Regattas are long days, and there are usually several hours of standing around.  If your rower can show up pre-fed and with a filled/refillable water bottle in hand, we will take it from there!
So, those are just some of the many ways you can get involved, if you choose to do so.  I should also mention that, if your rower has any food allergies or sensitivities, we ask that you send him/her with all the food that is needed for the day.  While we would love to meet the dietary needs of all rowers, we typically feed 150 rowers and coaches on any given race day, and cannot guarantee that the necessary foods are available or restricted.  Thank you for understanding our limitations as volunteers.
At the conclusion of this email, I will also include my phone numbers, which you are welcome to use during the season, or you can email me. I look forward to meeting you at regattas and am happy to answer any questions along the way.  I have had a son rowing for HHS for seven consecutive years, so I’m pretty weathered (aka, old!) and am happy to share my experience with those of you who are new to the sport.
It’s hard to believe the first race is less than a week away!  Let’s hope for good weather and strong rowers!  See you at the regatta!
Warm regards,
Stephanie Snelling
603-643-3454 (home)
603-306-6681 (cell)


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