May 23 Race Details – NEIRA

The boys 1st and 2nd, boats and the girls 1st, 2nd, and 3rd boats qualified for NEIRAs.  Congrats!  It is an honor to be invited to this event. We will be leaving school at 2:00pm on Friday to get ready for the competition.

All Rowers should bring cash or a check made out to FOHC for $40.  This will cover the cost of the stay and breakfast.  Please send enough money for dinner at Panera on Friday night.  If there are any issues, please let me know!

The Plan:
1:00pm- Leave for Worcester – NOTE NEW TIME!
5:00pm- Un-pack and Row the course
7:00pm- Dinner
8:30/9:00- Settle in at the Quality Inn and Suites in Worcester
10:00/10:30 Lights out
Race all Day in Worcester
5:30pm Last Race
6:30pm Head home on Bus
9:30pm Arrive home and go to bed!


The Race Schedule:
The Race schedule is on the following website.  They will update it with school names as the week progresses! 


For directions to the event, click here.

The Hotel:

We will be staying at the Quality Inn and Suites in Worcester.  The cost of lodging, breakfast, and coach buses will be $40 a rower.  Please let me know if this is a struggle and we will find the money!  Thanks to a donor for the coach buses!

50 Oriol Drive
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: (508) 852-2800

  • Rowers should bring a little money for dinner on Friday night.  Panera!

The Food: A Message From NEIRA Road Show!

The food tent team is heading south with your rowers, excited to fuel their championship rows!  Look for the sign up genius email coming out soon, and get ready to watch some amazing rowing.

And just a reminder to get your $10 in to Carmen (or anyone at the food tent).  This pays for water and any last minute items we need for the racers.  And as always, thank you for making this so easy!

Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

The Rooming:

Here is the rooming list for Hanover High School!

Room #1
Stern Four Boys V1

Room #2
Bow Four Boys V1

Room #3
Stern Four Boys V2

Room #4
Bow Four Boys V2

Room #5
Stern Four Girls V1

Room #6
Bow Four Girls V1

Room #7
Stern Four Girls V2

Room #8
Bow Four Girls V2

Room #9
Stern Four Girls V3

Room #10
Bow Four Girls V3

Room #11
Girl Coxswains

Room #12
Boy Coxswains/Boy Spares

Room #13
Male Coaches

Room #14
Female Coaches

Room #15
Bus Driver #1

Room #16
Bus Driver #2

Room #17
Girl Spares

Room #18
Spare Coaches!

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