May 16 Race Details – Tabor

We will be having a boat dedication for three boats on Saturday before the races.  It will also be a wonderful day with our friends from Tabor who make the trip to Hanover every year!
There will be no parking at the boathouse or Wilson’s landing for rowers or spectators.  The only parking on site is for the school trailers, two food parent trucks from each school, coaches vehicles, and a few special guests for the dedication.  Shuttles will be running from 11:15am-4:00pm constantly. Please use shuttles and do not get creative with your parking (on road etc.). We are being watched closely to make sure we are not violating our terms of agreement with the town. DOGS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE SHUTTLES. Thank you! 🙂
The Plan:
10:45am Rower Shuttle from Richmond School to boathouse. Please use shuttle to minimize activity on the property.
11:00am Drop off of all Rowers at Boathouse
11:15am Shuttles begin from Garripay and Richmond to the boathouse
11:15am Boat Dedication
11:45am Cox Meeting
12:45pm Races Begin
3:00pm Races End
4:00pm Shuttles End from Boathouse to Richmond and Garripay


The Race Schedule:
11:45am Cox’n Meeting
12:45pm G3(HHS3, Tabor3, HHS1N)
1:00pm B1(HHS1, Tabor1)
1:15pm G1 (HHS1, Tabor1)
1:30pm B2 (HHS2, Tabor2)
1:45pm G2 (HHS2, Tabor2)
2:00pm B3 (HHS3, Tabor3, HHS1N)
2:15pm  B4 (HHS4, Tabor4)
2:30pm G4 (HHS4, Tabor4, HHS5,  HHS2N, HHS3N)
2:45pm B5 (HHS2N, Tabor5)
The Parking: Shuttle will run from 11:15am-4:00pm.  Please park at Garipay and Richmond!
The Food: Message from Dawn
Food tents will go at the bottom of our property.
Food Blurb for Tabor Race!

So much fun to see some fresh parent faces under the tent on Wednesday — thanks for all the help!  It’s a lot of food juggling, coupled with softly guiding our rowers to make good food choices prerace, in line with their coaches suggestions. Tough work!

The Tabor race menu features some of our past favorites with the addition of post-row pasta salads, filled with veggies and cheese.  Sign up here:

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