May 13 Race Details – NMH

We race at home this week against NMH on Wednesday. Nobody will be missing school. More people will need to park at Garipay because the Richmond teachers will still be in school. There will be NO PARKING at the boathouse or Wilson’s landing for rowers or spectators.  The only parking on site is for the trailers from each school, one food parent truck from each school, the dock parents for this race, and coaches vehicles.  Shuttles will be running from 3:00-7:15pm constantly. 


2:45pm Rower Shuttle from HHS and Richmond School to boathouse. Please use shuttle to minimize activity on the property.

3:00pm Drop off of all Rowers at Boathouse

3:00pm Shuttles begin from Garipay and Richmond to the boathouse for Spectators 

3:00pm Cox Meeting

4:00pm Races Begin

6:15pm Races End

7:15pm Shuttles End from Boathouse to Richmond and Garripay


3:00pm Cox’n Meeting

4:00pm B2V (HHS2V, NMH 2nd)

4:15pm G2V (HHS2V, NMH 2nd)

4:30pm G4V (HHS4V, NMH 4th, HHS1N)

4:45pm G1V (HHS 1V, NMH1st)

5:00pm B3V (HHS3V, NHM3rd, HHS1N)

5:15pm B1V (HHS1V, NMH 1st)

5:30pm G5V (HHS5V, NMH 5th, HHS2N)

5:45pm G3V (HHS3V, NMH3rd)

6:00pm B4V (HHS 4V, NMH4th, HHS2N)

THE PARKING: Shuttle will run from 3:00pm-7:15pm.  Please park at Garipay and Richmond!

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