May 9 Race Details – St. Paul’s

Here are the plans for the race against St. Paul’s on Saturday. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful week!
The Plan:

11:45pm Buses leave HHS
1:15pm crews arrive/coxswains view course
1:50 coxswains’ meeting
3:00-4:45pm Racing
5:45pm Leave St. Paul’s
7:00pm Arrive and Rig
8:00pm Go Home

Race Schedule:
3:00 B1(HHS 1V)
3:10 G3 (HHS-4V/HHS-3V/SPS-3)
3:20 B2 (HHS 2V)
3:30 G2 (HHS 2V)
3:40 B3 (HHS 3V)
3:50 G1 (HHS 1V)
4:00 B4 (HHS 4V)
4:10 B5 (HHS 1N)
4:20 G4 (HHS1N/HHS2N/SPS-4)
4:30 B6 (HHS 2N)
The Directions:


Take i-89 south to Exit 2/Clinton Street. At the end of the ramp turn right onto Clinton Street.  Follow signs and Take the first left onto Langley Parkway.  Continue to the end, and turn left onto Pleasant Street.  Go about ½ mile and turn left at the StPaul’s sign onto Dunbarton Road. The boathouse and Turkey Pond are at the very end of Dunbarton, after 1 mile of paved road and 0.4 mi. dirt road.  Park on the RIGHT SIDE ONLY when you begin to see cars lined up, and walk to the boathouse; there is very little room to turn around at the boathouse, unless you are dropping off someone with mobility impairment.

** PLEASE pay attention to these new directions, since the old shortcut down Silk Road was closed in 2009 for safety.  If you try to follow GPS or Mapquest, you may be sent down the wrong direction.


The Food: A message from Dawn Carey
Holy huge appetites, Batman!  Our rowers worked really hard last weekend, and fueling their success was truly a team effort.  MANY thanks to all who sent in food for them — it was much appreciated.  So much so, that we are upping the quantity for St. Paul’s.  Also, we are encouraging parents to sign up to help for an hour under the tent.  Try it — you might be hooked!
Sign-up can be found here at:, the food is for the racers first, but feel free to swing by as we get closer to the end and see if we have extras!  And please send in your food with your rower or drop it off early at the tent.  It helps us assess if we have enough to feed our hungry hordes.  And no matter what, stop by the tent and introduce yourself!
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