NMH Race Details

The Girls and Boys Varsity and JV Crews will be heading to NMH on Wednesday, May 14th.  The Novice Girls 1st and 2nd boats and the Novice Boys 1st boat will be traveling with us.

The other three boats of Novices will be scrimmaging with Lebanon Crew during regular practice time.  The novice coaches will send a note explaining the scrimmage plan.

The plans have changed slightly as this Wednesday is NECAP testing for juniors.  As a result, the race schedule is under construction.

The Plan:
12:45pm – 2 buses of non-juniors will leave the high school towards NMH.
1:45pm – 1 bus of juniors leave for NMH.
2:30pm – Arrive and Rig at NMH.
3:30pm – Launch crews
4:30pm – Races Begin
6:00pm – Races End
7:00pm – Leave for Hanover
9:00pm – Arrive home

The Race Schedule:
3:45pm – Cox’n and coaches meeting
4:30pm -G5 – Hanover1N, NMH
4:40pm – B3 – Hanover, NMH
4:50pm – G4 – Hanover, DA, NMH
5:00pm -B1 – Hanover, NM
5:10pm -G3 – Hanover, Hingham, NMH
5:15pm – B4 – Hanover, NMH, Hanover 1N
5:25pm -G2 – Hanover, Hingham, NMH
5:35pm -B2 – Hanover, NMH
5:45pm -G1 – Hanover, Hingham, NMH
5:55pm -G6 – Hanover2N, NMH

The Directions:
For Hanover crews: Route 91S to the first Massachusetts exit (exit 28).  Turn left off the exit onto route 10 east. Drive about 3 miles and you will see the front entrance to campus. Go past the front entrance, and take the next right onto Main Rd. Gill.

Drive about 3/4 mile and you will see the road to the boathouse, marked with a sign, on your left.

Parking for trailers and cars is just below the soccer fields in the field. Rigging will take place in the field one level down just above the boathouse.

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