Lowell and Exeter Race Details

The squad is going in two different directions for an exciting day of racing!  Both plans are below and clearly marked.  Please read the right plan and read it carefully.  The fun is just beginning.

Novice Plan:
6:00am- Bus leaves HHS
8:00am- Bus arrives in Lowell
9:15am- Launch for 1st race
1:00pm- Races End
2:00pm- Depart Lowell for Hanover
4:00pm- Arrive in Hanover and Rig
5:00pm- Ready to go home!

Novice Hanover boats racing:
10:10 W4N8
10:20 W3N8
10:40 W2N8
11:20 M2N8
11:50 W1N8
12:40 M1N8

1500m race

Directions and Parking:
Bellegard Boathouse
500 Pawtucket Blvd.
Lowell MA 01854

Trailers ONLY are allowed street parking and in the small parking lot at the boathouse.  WE WILL NOT BE USING THE BEACH THIS WEEKEND!  If you bring your trailer on Friday night you may have to park on the street. Spectators can park across the street from the boathouse, $10 per car.  Buses and coaches can also park there, no fee!

The Food:

You have been invited by Julia Griffin to sign up for “Novices to Lowell and JV/V to Exeter on Saturday.” Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

To sign up, go to:

Varsity Plan:
7:00am- All SATI takers arrive at school to take SATs.  You will have your own room and it will be the first room they start.
12:00pm- Bus pulls out of HHS with All Varsity/JV rowers.  SAT takers, confirmation students, and all others will be on the two busses.
2:00pm- Arrive at Exeter
3:15pm- Launch for the Races
5:30pm- Races End
6:30pm- Leave for Hanover
8:30pm- Arrive in Hanover and go home.

Race Schedule:
G4 4:00
B4 4:10
G3 4:20
B3 4:30
G2 4:40
B2 4:50
G1 5:00
B1 5:10
Coach and Cox’n Meeting: 2:45, if possible.
Crews should launch at least 30 minutes before their race time. The starting line is approximately a 3 minute row with the current from the power lines, which are just after the “Straight”.

Crews must be in sight of the starting line 10 minutes before race time; crews should stay downstream of the power lines to warm-up within 10 minutes of race time.
Traffic Pattern:
Right Side for all. (Passing on the left to return to the Boathouse once you are past the race course is permitted.)

Racing will be in the right hand lanes of the river.
Returning crews must row single file in the right hand side to return to the Boathouse.
All returning crews must stop and sit at the side of the river when a race is coming down.
Returning crews should note that the tide is going out and from the Straight back to the Boathouse, try to avoid cutting the turns closely, particularly at “Rocky Point” and stay in the central channel along the Parkway, since there are sandbars on left and right.

Directions for Buses, Trailers, and Parents:  Read Carefully!

Swazey marked off from 2:00-6:00, so trailers may park and unload.
School tents to be set in the grass area of the Swasey; portable toilets available, extra trash barrels
Children’s Center lot is the primary area for crew race attendees; Security officer to assist with safe passage from the Children’s Center parking lot to the waterfront for visitors.

** Driving directions for spectators only (no buses and no trailer – short railroad bridge makes it impossible to pass):

http://www.exeter.edu/about_us/171_251.aspx – General directions to the Admissions building at the Academy. For the boathouse, 223 Water St, follow these directions through to Rt. 85. You will be following the river on Rt. 85. Spectators may turn left into the Children’s Center parking lot, or if they miss the sign, at the stop sign at the end of Rt. 85, take a left onto Main St, then an immediate left into the parking lot adjacent to St. Anthony’s Cafe, which joins the Children’s Center lot.

From Hanover, take Rt. 89 south to Rt. 93 south to Rt. 101 E, to Exit 9, Rt. 27 E/Epping Rd. Bear right at the end of the ramp and follow Rt. 27 into town. Once you cross the railroad tracks Epping Road become Main Street.( From the tracks, the boathouse is less than a mile.)
Follow Main St. past the Academy (red brick buildings on your right) down a small hill. The boat trailer should make the second turn to the left at the bottom of the hill onto the Swasey Parkway (just after a red brick office building and just before the white picket fence of the boathouse).

Boathouse Phone Number: 603 777 3539

Directions from the Boathouse to the Finish Line for viewing:

Take Rt. 85 N (Water St.) pass over Rt. 101 and continue to the town of Newfields. Once you pass Rt. 87 on your left, begin to look carefully on the right for Swamscott Road (4.2 miles from the boathouse). Turn down the hill, and park just above the railroad tracks, not below. Much of this land is private property, so we thank you for your consideration. Carpooling is recommended.

The Food:

You have been invited by Julia Griffin to sign up for “Novices to Lowell and JV/V to Exeter on Saturday.” Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

To sign up, go to:

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