Afternoon practices starting this spring!

Hope you have had a chance to drive up Route 10 and see the Fullington Boathouse.  It is beautiful and very exciting.

It also represents a change in our rowing schedule for the Spring.

We will be having our practices during the 4:30pm-7:30/8:00pm window.  We need to be in the afternoon based on permitting restrictions.  We will probably stagger our start time.  We want to avoid a dock pile up.  The girls might go from 4:30-6:30/7:00pm, while the boys might go from 5:00-7:00/7:30pm.  We still need to work out the details!

So please do not schedule driver’s education or any other classes after school in the Spring.  If you need to make a doctor’s appointment, please try to do it directly after school, so you could make it to a 4:30pm practice.

There will be a bus, if needed, to take rowers from the school to the boathouse.

Big changes, but great fun!

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