All Rowers should bring cash or a check made out to FOHC for $40.  This will cover the cost of the stay and breakfast.  Please send enough money for dinner at Panera.  If there are any issues with cost, please let me know!

The Plan:
2:00pm- Leave for Worcester
5:00pm- Un-pack and Row the course
7:00pm- Dinner
8:30/9:00- Settle in at the Comfort Inn in Auburn, MA.
10:00/10:30 Lights out
Race all Day in Worcester
5:00pm Last Race
6:00pm Head home on Bus
9:00pm Arrive home and go to bed!

The Race Schedule:
8:36- G38
8:54- B38
9:48- G28
10:15- B28
11:36- G18
12:03- B18

Petite Finals-
3:55- G18
4:04- B18

Grand Finals:
2:48- G38
2:52- B38
3:19- G28
3:28- B28
4:31- G18
4:45- B18


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