Schedule for NMH/Lebanon – Updated !

Thank you for dealing with this crazy week.  We have some exciting racing this week with NMH, Lebanon and Tabor.  If you would like the St. Paul’s results, click here.
Please remember that there is no parking at the Chieftan. The shuttle will be running from Garapay and the Richmond parking from 2:45pm-6:15pm.
The Plan:
1:15pm Buses at HHS leave and go to the Boathouse.  All rowers will row up to the Chieftan
2:45pm Cox meeting
3:45pm Races Begin
5:45pm Races End/Row Back
6:45pm Pick up at Boathouse
The Race Schedule:

2:45pm Cox’n Meeting

3:45 G3 (HHS 3V, HHS 1N, NMH3)
4:00 G4 (HHS 4V, HHS 2N, NMH4)
4:15 B3 (HHS 3V, HHS 1N, HHS 2N, NMH3)
4:30 G2 (HHS 2V, NMH2, LEBVarsity)
4:45 B2 (HHS 2V, NMH2, LEBVarsity)
5:00 G1 (HHS1V, NMH1)
5:15 B1 (HHS 1V, NMH1)
5:30 G5 (HHS 3N, NMH5, LEBNovice)

The Parking: Shuttle will run from 2:45pm-6:15pm.  Please park at Garapay and Richmond!


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