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WOW! What a Prouty…

We would like to extend our congratulations and deepest thanks to our 2014 Prouty team.  Our largest team to date of 282 participants raised more money than we EVER have before in the 2014 Prouty – $132,951!  This brings our cumulative 8-year total raised for Norris Cotton Cancer Center to over $3/4 million dollars!

IMG_2339We were thrilled to reclaim the Prouty team fundraising award this year, in addition to earning the award for the team with the most members.  Our collective accomplishments are not only impressive, they significantly benefit the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, local patient care, and research that informs medical care all over the world.  How thrilling it is to see what we can do when we work together toward a common goal.

A number of the FoHC participants also served as volunteers for the Prouty in a variety of capacities. This event doesn’t work without more than 1,000 volunteers pitching in. Thank you to our team members who also helped out!

Your fundraising efforts also earned the full $30,000 match to the Friends of Hanover Crew.  Prouty funds have significantly contributed to our wonderful new home at Fullington Farm.  We are deeply apprecia
tive of that, and so proud of our new boathouse.  If you have not had a chance to see it up close, please be in touch through this email.  We would love to arrange an opportunity for that.
In the fourth year of Row the Prouty, we were THRILLED to put more of our rowers on the water than ever before – we launched seven Friends of Hanover Crew boats (6 eights and 1 four) and a number of smaller sculling boats as well!  Congratulations to all 54 Hanover High School students, at least 35 HHS parents, and 15 coaches and board members who participated on our team, and to our extended family of friends including the 22 members of the US Senior Women’s rowing team who joined us on the water this year!  Huge thanks to each and every one of you who rode, walked, did a virtual Prouty, donated, volunteered, cheered, and recruited with us!  Your contributions are too numerous to quantify.

We hope you will join us once again on July 11, 2015 in our 9th FoHC Prouty year and we sincerely thank you for all you have done to make this team successful!

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Prouty with us next Saturday !

The final countdown to The Prouty is on with only one week left for online registration and ten days to go until many of us take to the road, river, woods, and golf course to help raise money for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.  We are currently 250 members strong and in 1st place for fundraising […]

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Hanover Invitational/Sleigh Cup Race Details

This Saturday May 31st is the Hanover Invitational/Sleigh Cup. All visiting crews will boat out of the Old Chieftan/Kendall property and HHS crew will park and boat out of their new home. All food tents and the awards ceremony will be at the Old Chieftan/Kendall property. When the Hanover Crews finish their races, they will […]

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