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NMH Regatta – April 30, 2016

The Plan: 10:45 am – 3 buses leave the High School towards NMH (Northfield Mt. Hermon). 12:45 pm – Arrive and Rig at NMH. 1:45 pm – Launch Crews 2:30 pm – Races Begin 4:30 pm – Races End 5:30pm – Leave for Hanover 7:00/7:30pm – Arrive home The Race Schedule: TBA The Directions:  Race […]

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Farmington Regatta – April 23, 2016

Farmington Results The Big Plan 8:30am – 2 buses leave HHS towards Farmington (We need one parent volunteer to ride the bus. Any takers? It will almost be like a Shiatsu massage.) 12:00 pm – Arrive and Rig at Farmington 1:00 pm – Launch Crews 1:30 pm – Races Begin 3:30 pm – Races End 4:30 pm – […]

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What’s a Dock Parent?

To let our coaches focus on coaching, and for parents to have some fun at the river too, we are seeking “dock parents”. What’s a dock parent? They help out at the docks at Wilson’s Landing—starting the motorboats, bailing, making sure the safety gear is in them, receiving our dear rowers when they return and closing […]

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