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Hanover Invitational / Sleigh Bowl June 4, 2017

The Results: Hanover Invitational Results All visiting crews will boat out of the old Chieftain Hotel site, now called Kendal Riverfront Park except Concord and HHS crew will boat out of FOHC boathouse at Wilson’s Landing, about a mile north. When the Hanover/Concord Crews finish their races, they will take the shuttle bus to hang out […]

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NEIRA’s May 26-27, 2017

The Results: Row2k The boys 1st and 2nd boats and the girls 1st, 2nd and 3rd boats qualified for NEIRAs. Congrats! It is an honor to be invited to this event. We will be leaving school at 2:00pm on Friday to get ready for the competition. All Rowers should bring cash or a check made […]

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Tabor v. Hingham v. Andover at Hanover, May 20, 2017

Results: R2K There will be no parking at the boathouse or Wilson’s landing for rowers or spectators.  With three schools, we will have very limited parking. The only parking on site is for the trailers from each school, one food parent truck from each school, and Hanover coaches vehicles. Shuttles will be running from 10:30pm-4:00pm […]

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